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· Medium: Silver Gelating Photographic Print

· Signature: Signed artwork

· Type: One of a kind piece

· Dimensions: 11x14 inch (38x26 cm)

· Authenticity: Authenticated by signature, sold with a certificate of authenticity

· Framing: Not framed


About the artist:

Ricardo Jiménez (Caracas, 1951) looks at the city of Caracas from the privileged position granted by being on board a car. Pedestrians, landscapes, characters of the city are captured by the gaze of this photographer, faithful heir of the rolling images of figures such as Walker Evans or Robert Frank.


Observer, behind the lens of his camera, in black and white, Ricardo Jiménez freezes the urban scenes of his hometown in Venezuela.


He is a walker, one more of the prolific tradition of mobile photographers. Jiménez uses the car as a mobile observatory from which to record silhouettes and backlights.

The black and white images of Ricardo Jiménez refer to dreams and the night, two of his main themes. His photographs are the record of a lonely traveler surprised by the urban, fascinated with the poetic that come to have seemingly banal situations.

The city that Ricardo Jiménez shows us is the one that can be seen from the car and as the poet Igor Barreto, a collaborator of Ricardo Jiménez points out, are: "photographs where the characters transmit attention to themselves and the things that surround them: they communicate peace and balance in their relationships and, what is more interesting, they are or seem to be silent".


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